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Sequence analyses of a broad host-range plasmid containing ermT from a tylosin-resistant Lactobacillus sp. Isolated from swine feces.

Anaerobic bacteria resistant to the macrolide antibiotics tylosin and erythromycin were isolated from the feces of swine. One of the strains, 121B, was initially identified by 16S rDNA sequence analysis as an unknown Lactobacillus sp. The strain was found to contain at least two plasmids, one of which was capable of replicating and providing erythromycin and tylosin resistance to Bacillus subtilis, Streptococcus gordonii, and Escherichia coli. DNA sequence analyses of the 4,232-bp plasmid, p121BS, identified one open reading frame encoding a methylase gene highly similar (> 98% amino acid identity, > 99% DNA sequence identity) to the ermT gene from the Lactobacillus reuteri plasmid pGT633. This is only the second ermT gene to be reported. p121BS also contains two additional open reading frames with significant amino acid similarities to replication proteins from Lactobacillus and other Gram-positive bacteria.[1]


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