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Cellular mRNA expression of the transcription factor NGFI-B suggests a gene regulatory role in striatal opiate-peptide neurons.

Previous studies have shown that NGFI-B mRNA is highly expressed in the adult striatum. In the present study we analyzed the anatomical distribution of NGFI-B mRNA within this brain region as well as the degree of co-existence of NGFI-B with different striatal markers in the adult brain. NGFI-B mRNA levels were found to be significantly higher within the dorsomedial portion of the striatum as compared to the ventrolateral striatum. This distribution pattern was maintained throughout the rostro--caudal axis of the striatum. Double in situ hybridization studies showed that striatal NGFI-B mRNA colocalized with a subset of preproenkephalin and prodynorphin positive spiny neurons within the dorsomedial striatum; 22--28% of all opiate-peptide positive cells co-expressed NGFI-B mRNA. NGFI-B did not colocalize with striatal aspiny interneurons expressing choline acetyl transferase mRNA or those containing the calcium- binding protein parvalbumin. The pattern of NGFI-B mRNA expression within different striatal spiny projecting neurons suggests that this transcription factor may have a direct effect on the function of different striatal efferent pathways.[1]


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