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Neutrophil Fc gamma RI as target for immunotherapy of invasive candidiasis.

Invasive candidiasis represents a life-threatening disease for immunocompromised patients. This study focused on new immunotherapeutic approaches for systemic Candida albicans infections in a human FcgammaRI-transgenic mouse model. FcgammaRI ( CD64) is a potent immunoactivating receptor on phagocytic and dendritic cells. In vivo targeting of C. albicans toward neutrophil-FcgammaRI by bispecific Abs and G-CSF effectively protected FcgammaRI-transgenic mice from lethal candidiasis. Nontransgenic mice were not protected, and treatment with bispecific Ab or G-CSF alone did not reduce mortality. Furthermore, infected FcgammaRI-transgenic mice developed high titers of anti-C. albicans IgG, and survival was extended on secondary infection without further treatment. These findings document the capacity of FcgammaRI to initiate potent anti-C. albicans immunity and support the development of FcgammaRI-directed immunotherapy of invasive fungal disease.[1]


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