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Self-organization mechanism in a bone-like hydroxyapatite/collagen nanocomposite synthesized in vitro and its biological reaction in vivo.

When bone is lost due to injury and/or illness, the defects are generally filled with natural bone because artificial bone materials have problems of bioaffinity. However, natural bone also has supply and infection problems. If an artificial material has the same biological properties as bone, it can replace natural bone for grafting. We synthesized a hydroxyapaite (HAp) and collagen (Col) composite by a simultaneous titration coprecipitation method using Ca(OH)2, H3PO4 and porcine atelocollagen as starting materials. The composite obtained showed a self-organized nanostructure similar to bone assembled by the chemical interaction between HAp and Col. The consolidated composite by a cold isostatic pressure of 200 MPa indicated a quarter of the mechanical strength of bone. It also indicated the same biological properties as grafted bone: The material was resorbed by phagocytosis of osteoclast-like cells and conducted osteoblasts to form new bone in the surrounding area. This HAp/Col composite having similar nanostructure and composition can replace autologous bone grafts.[1]


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