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Expression and regulation of MMP-20 in human tongue carcinoma cells.

Human matrix metalloproteinase-20 ( MMP-20, enamelysin) fragments the enamel-specific protein amelogenin and has been shown to be synthesized exclusively by odontoblasts and ameloblasts and in certain odontogenic tumors. Here we demonstrate, for the first time, the expression of MMP-20 mRNA and protein in two carcinoma cell lines originating from the tongue. Treatment of the SCC-25 and HSC-3 cells with phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (10 nmol/L) up-regulated MMP-20 mRNA and protein expression by up to 1.6-fold, but transforming growth factor beta (10 ng/mL) had no effect. The latent proform of recombinant (r) human MMP-20 was converted by tumor-related trypsin-2. Activated rMMP-20 did not degrade type I or type II collagen, but efficiently hydrolyzed fibronectin, type IV collagen, laminin-1 and -5, tenascin-C, and beta-casein. This implies that MMP-20 not only participates in dental matrix remodeling but is also present in tongue carcinoma cells.[1]


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