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Gene Review

AMELY  -  amelogenin, Y-linked

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: AMGL, AMGY, Amelogenin, Y isoform
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Disease relevance of AMELY


Psychiatry related information on AMELY


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Chemical compound and disease context of AMELY


Biological context of AMELY


Anatomical context of AMELY


Associations of AMELY with chemical compounds

  • (2) Missense mutations affecting the N-terminal region, especially those causing changes in the putative lectin-binding domain and TRAP (tyrosine rich amelogenin protein) region of the amelogenin molecule, result in a predominantly hypomineralization/hypomaturation AI phenotype with enamel that is discolored and has retained amelogenin [17].
  • Monocyte-macrophage contamination of marrow stromal layers was reduced below the levels of sensitivity of HUMARA and amelogenin assays (5% and 3%, respectively) by repeated trypsinizations and treatment with the leucyl-leucine (leu-leu) methyl ester [9].
  • The splice products produced by deletion of exon 6ABC are known as leucine-rich amelogenin peptides and have signaling effects on cells [18].
  • The Exon 6ABC Region of Amelogenin mRNA Contribute to Increased Levels of Amelogenin mRNA through Amelogenin Protein-enhanced mRNA Stabilization [18].
  • We hypothesized that a biomimetic coating on titanium surfaces, consisting of apatite and amelogenin, would promote such processes [19].

Physical interactions of AMELY


Enzymatic interactions of AMELY

  • Furthermore, recombinant porcine enamelysin was demonstrated to cleave recombinant porcine amelogenin at virtually all of the sites that have previously been described in vivo [21].

Regulatory relationships of AMELY


Other interactions of AMELY


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of AMELY

  • The AMG real-time PCR design has been used to quantify a set of 57 DNA samples from 4-5 years old forensic bone remains with improved sensitivity compared with the slot-blot hybridization method [26].
  • AIMS: The study aims to determine the size of the deletion in five AMELY null males by typing DNA samples for markers surrounding this gender-determining locus [13].
  • The amelogenin-like sequence, mapped on the long arm in Human Gene Mapping 10, has been mapped on the short arm [27].
  • Southern blot analysis revealed a deletion extending over 5 kb of the amelogenin gene in males with the hypomineralization form of the AIH1 [28].
  • A strategy based on high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) techniques for the isolation or a principal amelogenin molecule from a single human dentition is described [15].


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