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Placental cadmium and progesterone concentrations in cigarette smokers.

Cadmium and progesterone concentrations were evaluated in term placentas collected from 56 healthy parturients in the city of Zagreb. Concentrations of lead, iron, zinc, and copper in placentas were analyzed. Data collected by questionnaire identified 29 nonsmoking and 27 smoking women. From each placenta, three samples from different locations were taken. Metals were measured by atomic absorption spectrometry. Progesterone was determined by specific radioimmunoassay in homogenized and lyophilized tissue samples after steroid extraction with ethanol. No effect of sample location was found. In placentas of smoking women an increase in cadmium, reduced progesterone and a decrease in iron concentrations were found. Placental copper and zinc concentrations were not altered. In conclusion, the results present new evidence that maternal smoking reduces placental progesterone content and support the established association of smoking with placental cadmium.[1]


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