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Pancreatitis induced by valproic acid: report of a case.

A 22-year-old woman with intellectual impairment, who had been taking valproic acid continuously for 19 years since being diagnosed with epiloia at the age of 3 years, presented to our hospital following the sudden development of epigastric pain. An abdominal computed tomography scan revealed acute exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis. Conservative treatment was initiated, despite which the pancreatitis became exacerbated, necessitating resection of the pancreatic head and duodenum. Histological examination of the resected specimens revealed a large number of pancreatic calculi in the main pancreatic duct, suggesting chronic pancreatitis with fibrosis at the periphery. The incidence of pancreatitis developing in association with valproic acid is unclear; however, only 40 such cases have been reported in the English literature. Most of the patients previously described presented with acute pancreatitis in the initial stage. However, the clinical course of our patient, with acute exacerbation following a relatively chronic course, was different from those previously described, suggesting the presence of chronic pancreatitis related to valproic acid.[1]


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