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Downregulation of IFN-gamma production in patients with recurrent vaginal candidiasis.

BACKGROUND: Recurrent vaginal candidiasis (RVC) is an important health problem with unknown pathogenesis. Although impairment of the T-cell response is associated with persistent or recurrent candidiasis, data on immunologic responses in patients with RVC are controversial. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the T-cell response in patients with RVC and the ability of cytokines and cytokine antagonists to modulate IFN-gamma production in cultures stimulated with Candida albicans antigens. METHODS: Participants in the study included 13 patients with RVC and 7 control women with sporadic candidiasis. Cytokines were determined by ELISA in supernatants of mononuclear cells with C albicans, purified protein derivative, or tetanus toxoid antigen. RESULTS: IFN-gamma production was absent or low in 11 of 13 women (84.6%) with RVC. Absent or low IFN-gamma production was specific to C albicans antigens (189 +/- 389 pg/mL), because high IFN-gamma levels were found in cultures stimulated with purified protein derivative (739 +/- 774 pg/mL) or tetanus toxoid antigens (1085 +/- 546 pg/mL). Monoclonal antibody anti-IL-10 enhanced IFN-gamma levels (750 +/- 753 pg/mL), and IL-10 suppressed this cytokine production in patients with sporadic candidiasis. CONCLUSIONS: Mononuclear cells from patients with RVC stimulated with C albicans antigen have low or absent IFN-gamma production. IL-10 plays an important role in downregulation of the T-cell response in these patients.[1]


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