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Isolation of three zebrafish dachshund homologues and their expression in sensory organs, the central nervous system and pectoral fin buds.

Drosophila dachshund (dac) interacts with sine oculis (so), eyes absent (eya) and eyeless (ey) to control compound eye development. We have cloned three zebrafish dac homologues, dachA, dachB and dachC, which are expressed widely, in distinct but overlapping patterns. Expression of all three is found in sensory organs, the central nervous system and pectoral fin buds. dachA is also expressed strongly in the somites and dachC in the neural crest and pronephros. These expression domains overlap extensively with those of zebrafish pax, eya and six family members, the homologues of Drosophila ey, eya and so, respectively. This is consistent with the proposal that Dach, Eya, Six and Pax family members may form networks, similar to that found in the fly eye, in the development of many vertebrate organs.[1]


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