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Clinical evaluation of a patient with single maxillary central incisor.

Hypodontia in permanent dentition is the most common developmental anomaly and frequently found in the second premolar and maxillary lateral incisor In the primary dentition, however, hypodontia appears to be less frequent, with the exception of cases such as ectodermal dysplasia and cleft lip and palate. We report a child with one primary maxillary central incisor at midline. The presence of a single permanent maxillary central incisor was also confirmed by radiological examination. Other intraoral abnormalities were detected including absence of upper labial frenulum and abnormal palatal structure, but no other facial or brain anomalies. Although the condition is exceedingly rare, a thorough examination for more serious anomalies should be conducted since it is suggested to be the mildest feature of holoprosencephaly.[1]


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