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Semaphorin 1a and semaphorin 1b are required for correct epidermal cell positioning and adhesion during morphogenesis in C. elegans.

The semaphorin family comprises secreted and transmembrane proteins involved in axon guidance and cell migration. We have isolated and characterized deletion mutants of C. elegans semaphorin 1a (Ce-sema-1a or smp-1) and semaphorin 1b (Ce-sema-1b or smp-2) genes. Both mutants exhibit defects in epidermal functions. For example, the R1.a-derived ray precursor cells frequently fail to change anterior/posterior positions completely relative to their sister tail lateral epidermal precursor cell R1.p, causing ray 1 to be formed anterior to its normal position next to ray 2. The ray cells, which normally separate from the lateral tail seam cell (SET) at the end of L4 stage, remains connected to the SET cell even in adult mutant males. The ray 1 defects are partially penetrant in each single Ce-sema-1 mutant at 20 degrees C, but are greatly enhanced in Ce-sema-1 double mutants, suggesting that Ce-Sema-1a and Ce-Sema-1b function in parallel to regulate ray 1 position. Both mutants also have defects in other aspects of epidermal functions, including head and tail epidermal morphogenesis and touch cell axon migration, whereas, smp-1 mutants alone have defects in defecation and brood size. A feature of smp-1 mutants that is shared with mutants of mab-20 (which encodes Sema-2a) is the abnormal perdurance of contacts between epidermal cells.[1]


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