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Domperidone is more effective than cisapride in children with diabetic gastroparesis.

BACKGROUND: Disorders of gastrointestinal motility are commonly detected in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and are associated with significant morbidity. They contribute to poor metabolic control of diabetes. AIM: To assess the effect of an 8-week course of domperidone or cisapride on gastric electrical activity, gastric emptying time and dyspeptic symptoms in children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and gastroparesis. METHODS: Dyspeptic symptoms were assessed by a score system, gastric emptying time was measured by ultrasonography and gastric electrical activity was obtained by electrogastrography. Fourteen children received domperidone and 14 received cisapride. The median (range) ages were 11.6 years (5-15 years) and 12 years (6-16.9 years), respectively. Symptom assessment, ultrasonography and electrogastrography were repeated at the end of the trial. Fasting and fed (180 min after feeding) glycaemia and haemoglobin A, C (HbA1c) levels were also measured. RESULTS: At the end of the trial both groups showed a significant decrease in symptomatic score; however, the score was markedly lower in the domperidone group than in the cisapride group (P < 0.01). Domperidone was significantly more effective than cisapride in reducing the gastric emptying time (P < 0.05), normalizing gastric electrical activity (P < 0.05) and decreasing the prevalence of episodes of gastric dysrhythmia (P < 0.01). Domperidone was also more effective than cisapride in improving diabetic metabolic control. No potentially drug-related adverse effects occurred. CONCLUSIONS: In children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus complicated by dyspeptic symptoms and gastroparesis, domperidone is superior to cisapride in reversing gastric emptying delay and gastric electrical abnormalities, as well as in improving dyspeptic symptoms and diabetic metabolic control.[1]


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