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Wireless local area networking for linking a PC reporting system and PACS: clinical feasibility in emergency reporting.

Although local area networks (LANs) are commonplace in hospital-based radiology departments today, wireless LANs are still relatively unknown and untried. A linked wireless reporting system was developed to improve work throughput and efficiency. It allows radiologists, physicians, and technologists to review current radiology reports and images and instantly compare them with reports and images from previous examinations. This reporting system also facilitates creation of teaching files quickly, easily, and accurately. It consists of a Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine 3.0-based picture archiving and communication system (PACS), a diagnostic report server, and portable laptop computers. The PACS interfaces with magnetic resonance imagers, computed tomographic scanners, and computed radiography equipment. The same kind of functionality is achievable with a wireless LAN as with a wired LAN, with comparable bandwidth but with less cabling infrastructure required. This wireless system is presently incorporated into the operations of the emergency and radiology departments, with future plans calling for applications in operating rooms, outpatient departments, all hospital wards, and intensive care units. No major problems have been encountered with the system, which is in constant use and appears to be quite successful.[1]


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