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Operating Rooms

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Disease relevance of Operating Rooms


Psychiatry related information on Operating Rooms

  • In a double-blind, randomized design, three groups of 40 patients received one of the following oral medications 90 min before entry into the operating room: 1) tandospirone 10 mg (T group); 2) clonidine 3 (C group); or 3) placebo (P group) [6].

High impact information on Operating Rooms

  • All nine patients had had surgery, and each of these patients but only nine of 19 operated-on control patients had received intravenous fentanyl citrate in the operating room; the mean dose given to the nine case patients was far greater than that given to control patients [7].
  • During surgical procedures in which nitrous oxide (N2O) anaesthesia was administered there was an increased concentration of both nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in operating-room air [8].
  • Two patients had their ASD snared closed in the operating room after coming off bypass [9].
  • Experience has reinforced our view that ATD implantation should be performed in what is essentially an operating-room setting, by a qualified team possessing the necessary surgical, electrophysiologic, and technical skills [10].
  • Patient demographics, preoperative calcium and parathyroid hormone levels, operative time, total time in the operating room, time in the recovery room, complications, hospital charges for the operating room, and total hospital charges were analyzed [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Operating Rooms


Biological context of Operating Rooms


Anatomical context of Operating Rooms


Associations of Operating Rooms with chemical compounds


Gene context of Operating Rooms

  • The patient was returned to the operating room 1 week later to undergo a posterior laminectomy from T7 to T11 and instrumented fusion from T5 to L2 [31].
  • We therefore concluded that cross infection with MRSA took place on the surgical ward rather than in the operating room [32].
  • The modification of the ACTH immunochemiluminescence assay to 15 min incubation allows the documentation of a successful tumor removal in the operating room [33].
  • 1996 RSNA Eugene P. Pendergrass New Horizons Lecture. Image-guided procedures and the operating room of the future [34].
  • Patients were tracheally extubated and discharged from the operating room when they could respond to verbal commands and no TOF fade was palpable [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Operating Rooms


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