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Effect of perfluorocarbon (perfluorooctyl bromide) vapor on tidal volume measurement during partial liquid ventilation.

OBJECTIVE: To compare measured tidal volumes with and without perfluorocarbon (perfluorooctyl bromide) vapor, by using tidal volumes in the range suitable for neonates ventilated with partial liquid ventilation. We also aimed to determine the correction factor needed to calculate tidal volumes measured in the presence of perfluorooctyl bromide vapor. DESIGN: Prospective, experimental study. SETTING: Neonatal research laboratory. INTERVENTIONS: Reproducible tidal volumes from 5 to 30 mL were produced with a rodent ventilator and drawn from humidifier chambers immersed in a water bath at 37 degrees C. Control tidal volumes were drawn from a chamber containing oxygen and water vapor, and the perfluorocarbon tidal volumes were drawn from a chamber containing oxygen, water vapor, and perfluorooctyl bromide vapor. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: Tidal volumes were measured by a VenTrak respiratory mechanics monitor with a neonatal flow sensor and a Dräger pneumotachometer attached to a Dräger neonatal ventilator. All tidal volumes measured with perfluorooctyl bromide vapor were increased compared with control. The VenTrak-measured tidal volumes increased by 1.8% to 3.5% (an overall increase of 2.2%). The increase was greater with the Dräger hot-wire anemometer: from 2.4% to 6.1% (an overall increase of 5.9%). Regression equations for mean control tidal volumes (response, Y) vs. mean perfluorooctyl bromide tidal volumes (predictor, X) are as follows: for the VenTrak, Y = -0.026 + (0.978 x X), r =.9999, p <.0001; and for the Dräger, Y = 0.251 + (0.944 x X), r =.9996, p <.0001. CONCLUSIONS: The presence of perfluorooctyl bromide vapor in the gas flowing through pneumotachometers gives falsely high tidal volume measurements. An estimate of the true tidal volume allowing for the presence of perfluorooctyl bromide vapor can be made from regression equations. Any calculation of lung mechanics must take into account the effect of perfluorooctyl bromide vapor on the measurement of tidal volume.[1]


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