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DEAF-1 function is essential for the early embryonic development of Drosophila.

The Drosophila protein DEAF-1 is a sequence-specific DNA binding protein that was isolated as a putative cofactor of the Hox protein Deformed (Dfd). In this study, we analyze the effects of loss or gain of DEAF-1 function on Drosophila development. Maternal/zygotic mutations of DEAF-1 largely result in early embryonic arrest prior to the expression of zygotic segmentation genes, although a few embryos develop into larvae with segmentation defects of variable severity. Overexpression of DEAF-1 protein in embryos can induce defects in migration/closure of the dorsal epidermis, and overexpression in adult primordia can strongly disrupt the development of eye or wing. The DEAF-1 protein associates with many discrete sites on polytene chromosomes, suggesting that DEAF-1 is a rather general regulator of gene expression.[1]


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