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Influence of resinous monomers on the differentiation in vitro of human pulp cells into odontoblasts.

Odontoblasts are highly differentiated postmitotic cells, which under pathological conditions such as carious lesions and dental injuries may degenerate and be replaced by other pulp cells. A recent work showed that this physiological event can be reproduced in an in vitro assay system. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the effects of resinous monomers on odontoblast differentiation in vitro. Pulp cores from extracted human third molars were cultured with beta-glycerophosphate (2 mM) and used to evaluate the effects of TEGDMA, HEMA, UDMA, and Bis-GMA on the differentiation of pulp fibroblasts into odontoblasts. The effect of the monomers was studied by evaluating the expression of several odontoblast specific genes. In the absence of monomers, mineral nodule formation was observed. Pulp cells contributing to the nodule formation synthesized type I collagen, osteonectin, and dentin sialoprotein (DSP). In addition, Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy showed that the mineral and organic composition of the nodules were characteristic of dentin. When the monomers were added at nontoxic concentrations, the effects of HEMA and Bis-GMA were more evident than that of TEGDMA and UDMA on collagen 1, osteonectin, and DSP expression. However, all monomers significantly decreased DSP expression and completely inhibited the mineral nodule formation.[1]


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