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Enhanced CpG mutability and tumorigenesis in MBD4-deficient mice.

The mammalian protein MBD4 contains a methyl-CpG binding domain and can enzymatically remove thymine ( T) or uracil ( U) from a mismatched CpG site in vitro. These properties suggest that MBD4 might function in vivo to minimize the mutability of 5-methylcytosine by removing its deamination product from DNA. We tested this hypothesis by analyzing Mbd4-/- mice and found that the frequency of of C --> T transitions at CpG sites was increased by a factor of three. On a cancer-susceptible Apc(Min/+) background, Mbd4-/- mice showed accelerated tumor formation with CpG --> TpG mutations in the Apc gene. Thus MBD4 suppresses CpG mutability and tumorigenesis in vivo.[1]


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