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The cardiovascular effects of mivacurium in hypertensive patients.

Hypotension is common after mivacurium injection in healthy patients. This hemodynamic event had not been investigated in hypertensive patients characterized by more intense hemodynamic instability. In this open-label, multicenter, randomized, and controlled study, we sought to determine whether mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) and heart rate variations were larger in hypertensive versus normotensive patients after a bolus dose of mivacurium injected over 10 or 30 s. After the induction of anesthesia with fentanyl and etomidate, normotensive (n = 149) and hypertensive (n = 57) patients received a single dose of mivacurium 0.2 mg/kg injected over 10 or 30 s by random allocation. Heart rate and MAP were recorded electronically. The incidence of hypotension (defined as a 20% MAP decrease from the control value before mivacurium injection) was 21% and 36% (10-s injection) or 11% and 10% (30-s injection) in the Normotensive and Hypertensive groups, respectively. In Hypertensive patients, the maximum decrease in MAP was significantly greater when mivacurium was injected over 10 s compared with 30 s: 20% vs 11%, respectively (P = 0.002). This difference was not observed in Normotensive patients. Hypotension after rapid (e.g., 10 s) mivacurium injection was more frequent and more pronounced in Hypertensive than in Normotensive patients. IMPLICATIONS: When mivacurium (0.2 mg/kg) is injected rapidly (e.g., 10 s) the incidence and the intensity of hypotension are greater in hypertensive patients than in healthy patients.[1]


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