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Random Allocation

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Disease relevance of Random Allocation


High impact information on Random Allocation

  • Precise deletion of only DPS1 and DPS2 results in random selection of donor loci and in a cells without affecting selection in alpha cells [6].
  • Labour was induced or stimulated after random allocation of the mothers to one of three oxytocics (prostaglandin E2 orally, oxytocin intravenously, or demoxytocin buccally) [7].
  • INTERVENTIONS: Random allocation to a conventional antipsychotic, haloperidol (2-20 mg/d), or an atypical antipsychotic, olanzapine (5-20 mg/d) [8].
  • INTERVENTIONS: Random allocation to daily intake of 1700 mg of calcium (calcium carbonate given in divided doses with meals); placebo; or conjugated equine estrogens (0.625 mg; days 1 to 25), progesterone (10 mg; days 16 to 25), and 1700 mg of elemental calcium daily [9].
  • Here we show, from the results of complete or partial sequence determination of a random selection of 38 tryptic peptides covering 685 residues of the subunit of PZP, that PZP and alpha 2M indeed are extensively homologous [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Random Allocation


Biological context of Random Allocation


Anatomical context of Random Allocation


Associations of Random Allocation with chemical compounds


Gene context of Random Allocation

  • Homothallic strains of yeast containing a null allele of CHL1 exhibited almost random selection of the donor locus in a MATa background but were normal in their ability to select HMR in a MAT alpha background [27].
  • The ability of Spz1 protein to bind to the bHLH consensus-binding site, the E-box, was confirmed by EMSA, and a 9-bp asymmetric target site was identified by random selection and PCR amplification [28].
  • Defining target sequences of DNA-binding proteins by random selection and PCR: determination of the GCN4 binding sequence repertoire [29].
  • We used the method of random selection to further define the primary sequence requirements for homodimer formation and heterodimer formation with Fos [30].
  • Screening was accomplished by random selection of 250 isolated colonies from each of four enrichment cycles and reaction with PRP-treated latex beads in microtiter plates [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Random Allocation


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