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Chemical Compound Review

Etomidate     ethyl3-(1- phenylethyl)imidazole-4...

Synonyms: Amidate, Etomidato, Absele, Ethomidate, Radenarkon, ...
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Disease relevance of Hypnomidate


Psychiatry related information on Hypnomidate


High impact information on Hypnomidate

  • We measured the cortisol and aldosterone responses to ACTH stimulation in five patients receiving etomidate, and we also studied the direct effects of etomidate on enzymes in the rat steroidogenic pathway [1].
  • In rat adrenal cells, etomidate produced a concentration-dependent blockade of the two mitochondrial cytochrome P-450-dependent enzymes, cholesterol-side-chain cleavage enzyme, and 11 beta-hydroxylase, without evident inhibition of the microsomal enzymes in the glucocorticoid pathway [1].
  • As glucuronides are poorly absorbed from the gut, it is proposed that the hepatic biotransformation of nor-ursodeoxycholate to a glucuronide rather than to a glycine amidate in the liver prevented its accumulation in the bile acid pool [10].
  • Etomidate does not suppress PHA-induced growth of normal human lymphocytes [11].
  • Here, chimeric beta1/beta2 subunits coexpressed in Xenopus laevis oocytes with human alpha6 and gamma2 subunits identified a region distal to the extracellular N-terminal domain as a determinant of the selectivity of etomidate [12].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hypnomidate


Biological context of Hypnomidate


Anatomical context of Hypnomidate

  • To identify binding domains in a ligand-gated ion channel for etomidate, an intravenous general anesthetic, we photolabeled nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR)-rich membranes from Torpedo electric organ with a photoactivatable analog, [(3)H]azietomidate [22].
  • We report the emergency and prolonged use of etomidate to control circulating cortisol levels in a patient with Cushing's syndrome secondary to ectopic ACTH production from a pancreatic islet cell tumor [23].
  • We show that bovine adrenal chromaffin cells were excited by etomidate at clinically relevant concentrations [24].
  • Modulation of [3H]muscimol binding by picrotoxin, pentobarbitone, and etomidate was investigated in rat cerebellar and cerebral cortical membranes [25].
  • In 12 dogs we therefore studied (six control and six endotoxin treated, 1.5 mg X kg-1) under etomidate (4 mg X kg-1 X h-1) anaesthesia muscle blood flow (radioactive microspheres) in fore limb, thorax, diaphragm and hind limb (five different muscles) and skin blood flow before (t = 0) and 90 and 120 min after endotoxin [26].

Associations of Hypnomidate with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Hypnomidate

  • In alpha2B-receptor-expressing HEK293 cells, etomidate rapidly increased phosphorylation of the extracellular signal-related kinases ERK1/2 [31].
  • RESULTS: In vivo, loss and recovery of the righting reflex required similar times after intraperitoneal injection of etomidate in wild-type and in alpha2A-receptor-deficient mice, indicating that the hypnotic effect of etomidate in mice does not require the alpha2A-receptor subtype [31].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The GABAA receptor beta 2 subunit mediates a significant proportion of the hypothermic effects of etomidate [8].
  • During the infusion of etomidate, a significant increase in the peripheral concentration of ACTH occurred, while plasma cortisol concentrations decreased [32].
  • Cytochrome P-450 binding spectra displayed type II binding with a UV light absorption maximum (lambda max) at a wavelength of 424 nm in the presence of etomidate [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hypnomidate


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