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Aquaporin-2 regulation by vasopressin in the rat inner ear.

Our previous studies have suggested a close relationship between vasopressin and endolymphatic hydrops, or the increased volume of endolymph in the inner ear. Endolymphatic hydrops is also thought to occur in Ménière's disease patients. In the kidney collecting duct, vasopressin induces the expression of aquaporin-2 (AQP2), resulting in increased water reabsorption. We explored the possibility, using a quantitative PCR method, that vasopressin regulates the expression of AQP2 mRNA in the rat inner ear, as it does in the kidney. The levels of AQP2 mRNA in the cochlea and endolymphatic sac were significantly higher in rats treated with vasopressin than the levels in control animals. We speculate that over-expression of AQP2 may be involved in the formation of endolymphatic hydrops.[1]


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