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Effects of dexamethasone on aryl ( SULT1A1)- and hydroxysteroid (SULT2A1)-sulfotransferase gene expression in primary cultured human hepatocytes.

To determine whether the dexamethasone (DEX)-inducible hepatic sulfotransferase gene expression that has been described in the rat is conserved in humans, the effects of DEX treatment on hydroxysteroid sulfotransferase ( SULT2A1) and aryl sulfotransferase ( SULT1A1) gene expression were investigated in primary cultured human hepatocytes. Hepatocytes were prepared from nontransplantable human livers by collagenase perfusion of the left hepatic lobe, and cultured in Williams' medium E that was supplemented with 0.25 U/ml insulin. As reported in the rat, DEX treatment produced concentration-dependent increases in SULT2A1 mRNA and protein expression, with maximum increases observed at concentrations of DEX that would be expected to activate the pregnane X receptor ( PXR) transcription factor. In contrast to the rat, in which DEX-inducible SULT1A1 expression has been demonstrated, SULT1A1 expression in primary cultured human hepatocytes was not measurably increased by DEX. In transient transfections conducted in primary cultured rat hepatocytes, the PXR ligands DEX and pregnenolone-16 alpha-carbonitrile significantly induced transcription of human and rat SULT2A reporter gene constructs. Cotransfection of either the human or rat SULT2A reporter gene with a PXR dominant negative construct significantly reduced DEX-inducible transcription. These results underscore that while certain features of rat hepatic sulfotransferase gene regulation are conserved in humans, important differences exist across species. The findings also implicate a role for the PXR transcription factor in DEX-inducible rat and human SULT2A gene expression.[1]


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