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ANG II AT2 receptor modulates AT1 receptor-mediated descending vasa recta endothelial Ca2+ signaling.

We tested whether the respective angiotensin type 1 (AT(1)) and 2 (AT(2)) receptor subtype antagonists losartan and PD-123319 could block the descending vasa recta (DVR) endothelial intracellular calcium concentration ([Ca(2+)](i)) suppression induced by ANG II. ANG II partially reversed the increase in [Ca(2+)](i) generated by cyclopiazonic acid (CPA; 10(-5) M), acetylcholine (ACh; 10(-5) M), or bradykinin (BK; 10(-7) M). Losartan (10(-5) M) blocked that effect. When vessels were treated with ANG II before stimulation with BK and ACh, concomitant AT(2) receptor blockade with PD-123319 (10(-8) M) augmented the suppression of endothelial [Ca(2+)](i) responses. Similarly, preactivation with the AT(2) receptor agonist CGP-42112A (10(-8) M) prevented AT(1) receptor stimulation with ANG II + PD-123319 from suppressing endothelial [Ca(2+)](i). In contrast to endothelial [Ca(2+)](i) suppression by ANG II, pericyte [Ca(2+)](i) exhibited typical peak and plateau [Ca(2+)](i) responses that were blocked by losartan but not PD-123319. DVR vasoconstriction by ANG II was augmented when AT(2) receptors were blocked with PD-123319. Similarly, AT(2) receptor stimulation with CGP-42112A delayed the onset of ANG II-induced constriction. PD-123319 alone (10(-5) M) showed no AT(1)-like action to constrict microperfused DVR or increase pericyte [Ca(2+)](i). We conclude that ANG II suppression of endothelial [Ca(2+)](i) and stimulation of pericyte [Ca(2+)](i) is mediated by AT(1) or AT(1)-like receptors. Furthermore, AT(2) receptor activation opposes ANG II-induced endothelial [Ca(2+)](i) suppression and abrogates ANG II-induced DVR vasoconstriction.[1]


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