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An Arabidopsis histidine kinase is essential for megagametogenesis.

Cytokinin-Independent 1 (CKI1) belongs to a group of putative plant histidine kinases whose members do not appear to act as ethylene receptors. The deduced protein structure, combined with the observation that Arabidopsis callus cultures overexpressing CKI1 exhibit a "cytokinin-independent" cell division and greening phenotype, led to the hypothesis that CKI1 is involved in cytokinin signaling, perhaps acting as a cytokinin receptor. To test the function of CKI1, we used a reverse-genetic approach to identify plants carrying T-DNA insertions in CKI1. Two independent alleles were identified, which produce the same developmental phenotype. Analyses of populations segregating for the cki1-5 or cki1-6 T-DNA insertion alleles failed to reveal any homozygous cki1 plants, indicating that the homozygous mutant condition was lethal. Based on segregation distortion, transmission studies, a microscopy-based examination of developing female gametophytes, and mRNA expression data, we suggest that CKI1 function is required for megagametophyte development. Our work with CKI1 mutants indicates that signal transduction by means of a HisAsp phosphorelay system may play an important and previously unsuspected role in female gametophyte development in Arabidopsis.[1]


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