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Identification of Rev-erbalpha as a physiological repressor of apoC-III gene transcription.

Elevated serum levels of triglyceride-rich remnant lipoproteins (TRL) are a major risk factor predisposing a subject to atherosclerosis. Apolipoprotein C-III ( apoC-III) is a major constituent of TRL that impedes triglyceride hydrolysis and remnant clearance and, as such, may exert pro-atherogenic activities. In the present study, transient cotransfection experiments in rat hepatocytes in primary culture and rabbit kidney RK13 cells demonstrated that overexpression of Rev-erbalpha specifically decreases basal and HNF-4 stimulated human apoC-III promoter activity. A Rev-erbalpha response element was mapped by promoter deletion, mutation analysis, and gel-shift experiments to a AGGTCA half-site located at position -23/-18 (downstream of the TATA box) in the apoC-III promoter. Finally, Rev-erbalpha-deficient mice displayed elevated serum and liver mRNA levels of apoC-III together with increased serum VLDL triglycerides. Taken together, our data identify Rev-erbalpha as a regulator of apoC-III gene expression, providing a novel, physiological role for this nuclear receptor in the regulation of lipid metabolism.[1]


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