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Expression of calbindin-D9k messenger ribonucleic acid in the gastrointestinal tract of dairy cattle.

The calcium demands of pregnancy and lactation are known to up-regulate expression of Calbindin-D9k (CaBP-9k) mRNA in the intestines. The gastrointestinal CaBP-9k mRNA expressions has not been studied in dairy cows, which are bound to experience several pregnancies and lactation stages. In this study, the CaBP-9k mRNA expression were examined in the gastrointestinal tract of Holstein dairy cattle by Northern blot analysis. Detectable expression of CaBP-9k mRNA was localized in the proximal portion of the small intestines. These expressions were higher at the most proximal region of the duodenum and gradually decreased distally. The duodenal CaBP-9k mRNA was detected in all dairy cattle from 0.4 to 83.4 months old, but was not detectable in foetuses. There were no significant correlations between the age and the levels of CaBP-9k mRNA expression or between the plasma 1,25-(OH)2D3 concentrations and the levels of CaBP-9k mRNA expression.[1]


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