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Gene Review

S100G  -  S100 calcium binding protein G

Bos taurus

Synonyms: CABP, CALB3, S100D
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Disease relevance of CALB3

  • A technique for proton labelling of selected amino acids in deuterated calbindin D9K, heterologously expressed in E. coli, was developed in order to simplify and obtain higher resolution in 1H-NMR spectra [1].

High impact information on CALB3

  • Effects of calcium binding on the side-chain methyl dynamics of calbindin D9k: a 2H NMR relaxation study [2].
  • The structure of the half-saturated cadmium state was compared with the previously determined solution structures of the apo and fully calcium saturated calbindin D9k [3].
  • To circumvent this problem, an absolutely conserved glutamic acid residue in the C-terminal binding site (site II) has been mutated to glutamine (E65Q), causing a substantial reduction in calcium affinity and permitting detailed two-dimensional 1H NMR analysis of calbindin D9k with a calcium ion bound only in the N-terminal EF-hand [4].
  • Proline cis-trans isomers in calbindin D9k observed by X-ray crystallography [5].
  • The kinetics of lanthanide (III) exchange for calcium(II) in the C-terminal EF-hand of the protein calbindin D9k have been studied by one-dimensional (1D) stopped-flow NMR [6].

Biological context of CALB3


Anatomical context of CALB3


Associations of CALB3 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of CALB3

  • The expression of calbindin-D9K (CaBP9K) and calbindin-D28K (CaBP28K) genes in the reproductive system is well established for rodent and avian species, but not for domestic livestock [18].
  • Our immunocytochemical results show that ovine, bovine and caprine interplacentomal trophoblast have high levels of calbindin-D9k, about eight to ten times more than in the placentomal region [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CALB3


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