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Association of common missense changes in ELAC2 ( HPC2) with prostate cancer in a Japanese case-control series.

The recently identified prostate cancer susceptibility gene ELAC2 ( HPC2) harbors two common missense variants, a serine to leucine substitution at residue 217 (Leu217) and an alanine to threonine substitution at residue 541 (Thr541). We genotyped the two variants in a Japanese cohort consisting of 350 prostate cancer patients 242 male population controls, and 114 male low-risk controls. Both missense alleles, Leu217 and Thr541, were carried at higher frequency in Japanese patients than in the controls (Leu217, P= 0.0012; Thr541, P = 0.0145), and the odds ratios associated with carrying these sequence variants were higher in Japanese than in Caucasians. Although the Leu217 and Thr541 variants of ELAC2 are less common in Japanese than in Caucasians, both variants confer significantly increased risk of prostate cancer in Japanese. Carriage of these variants was not associated with age at diagnosis, tumor stage, or tumor grade in these Japanese prostate cancer patients. The allele-specific pattern of risk observed in Japanese and familial Caucasian patients was qualitatively similar; however, the magnitude of that risk was considerably greater in Japanese than in Caucasians.[1]


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