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Estrus induction following PGF2alpha treatment in the superovulated buffalo (Bubalus bubalis).

Early return-to-estrus after embryo collection would shorten the interval between consecutive superovulations and improve efficiency of embryo production. Following superovulation and embryo collection, 80 buffaloes were treated with 15.0mg Luprostiol (PGF2alpha analogue) for the induction of luteolysis and early return-to-estrus. A total of 67.5% donor animals returned to estrus, on average 11.8+/-0.84 days after the PGF2alpha treatment. The number of ovulations (<or=5 or >5 CL) had no significant effect on the percentage of donors returning to estrus within 30 days, as 70% of the buffaloes with <or=5 CL and 65% with >5 CL returned to estrus during this time. However, an increase in the number of ovulations significantly delayed the return to estrus as this duration was 9.7+/-0.93 days in the buffaloes with <or=5 CL compared to 14.1+/-1.29 days in those having >5 CL.[1]


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