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Adiponutrin mRNA expression in white adipose tissue is rapidly induced by meal-feeding a high-sucrose diet.

Adiponutrin is a recently identified gene of unknown function that is expressed exclusively in adipose tissues. To provide information about its physiological regulation and possible function, the effect of meal-feeding rats on the expression of adiponutrin mRNA in white adipose tissue was studied. A high-sucrose meal increased adiponutrin mRNA levels by at least 5-fold within 3 h. Post-meal levels returned to pre-meal levels with a half-life of about 5 h. The induction was prevented by injection of actinomycin-D prior to the meal. This pattern of expression was very similar to that seen for leptin mRNA. There were only minimal, or no, effects on acrp30/adiponectin, resistin, adipsin, or stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1. Adiponutrin appears more like leptin with respect to its acute regulation by meal-feeding than to any of the other adipokines or to enzymes directly involved in lipogenesis. This suggests that adiponutrin could be involved in overall energy homeostasis, as is leptin.[1]


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