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Gene Review

Cfd  -  complement factor D (adipsin)

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Adipsin, Adn, C3 convertase activator, Complement factor D, Df, ...
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Biological context of Cfd


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Associations of Cfd with chemical compounds

  • An appreciable amount of Df-protease was recovered in the house dust extract, and the house dust protease caused C5a release from C5 [5].
  • OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to determine whether Df-protease could enzymatically generate anaphylatoxins from complement components C3 and C5 [5].
  • RESULTS: Df-protease showed strong activation of C3 and C5, producing C3a and C5a by proteolytic cleavage of the complements [5].
  • We previously showed that the 30 kd protease from Dermatophagoides farinae (Df-protease) could activate the bradykinin-generating cascade and exacerbate inflammatory reactions [5].
  • Adenosine (Adn; 10(-4) M), an endothelium-independent agent, produced similar dilation (127% of control) but did not alter endothelial cell calcium [10].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cfd


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