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1-molar gadobutrol as a contrast agent for computed tomography: results from a comparative porcine study.

RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES: To evaluate prospectively the efficacy of gadobutrol as contrast agent for computed tomography (CT) compared with iodinated contrast media in a porcine animal model. METHODS: In 8 domestic pigs (35 +/- 4 kg body weight [BW]), continuous spiral CTs of the chest and abdomen were performed using either 2 mmol/kg BW Gadovist 1.0 (1 mol/L gadobutrol) intravenously or Ultravist (300 mg I/mL iopromide) (slice 5 mm, table feed 7.5 mm, reconstruction increment 5 mm). One week later, the same animals were examined using the same protocol with the other contrast agent. In 2 additional animals, serial CTs were performed at the same level using gadobutrol or iopromide on day 1 and the alternate agent on day 8 inches order to determine contrast media kinetics, peak enhancement, and time enhancement-product in important vascular regions and parenchymal organs (abdominal aorta, inferior vena cava, liver, and renal parenchyma). Peak enhancement (net increase compared with nonenhanced baseline values) was measured in Hounsfield units (HU) in defined regions of interest. RESULTS: In vivo, the mean peak enhancement 5, 15, 30, and 120 seconds in the abdominal aorta after injection of 2 mL/kg BW gadobutrol and iopromide was 200 +/- 11, 224 +/- 10, 261 +/- 13, and 95 +/- 9 HU versus 232 +/- 10, 298 +/- 10, 152 +/- 11, and 123 +/- 10 HU, respectively. Differences in enhancement of vascular structures was statistically significant (P < 0.05) in carotid arteries (235 +/- 20 HU for gadobutrol and 264 +/- 19 HU for iopromide) and the aortic arch (261 +/- 14 HU for gadobutrol and 279 HU +/- 13 HU for iopromide). No statistical significance was seen in all other measured vascular structures and parenchymal organs. CONCLUSION: Contrast-enhanced CT with 1 mol/L gadobutrol in a dose of 2 mmol/kg BW resulted in an excellent vascular and parenchymal enhancement in most vascular regions and parenchymal organs similar to an equivalent volume of 300 mg/mL iodinated contrast media.[1]


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