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Effect of sinomenine on morphine dependence in isolated guinea pig ileum.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of sinomenine on morphine withdrawal response and acetylchline (Ach)-induced contracture in isolated guinea pig ileum. METHODS: The withdrawal contracture was elicited by subjecting isolated ileum incubated with morphine (3 micromol/L) at 37.5 degrees Celsius for 4 h to naloxone (1 micromol/L) treatment. Sinomenine (10, 50, 250 micromol/L) and nimodipine (Nim, 0.1 micromol/L) were administered 1 min before and after naloxone in morphine-dependent ilea bathed in Krebs solution containing morphine, to observe the changes in the withdrawal contracture of the ileum. The effect of sinomenine (10, 50, 250 micromol/L) on the contracture of untreated ileum in Krebs solution elicited by acetylcholine was also observed. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: Naloxone-induced withdrawal contracture or acetylcholine-induced contracture of the ileum was significantly decreased in a dose-dependent manner, indicating that sinomenine can inhibit morphine withdrawal symptoms in guinea pigs.[1]


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