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Antipruritic effects of the fruits of Chaenomeles sinensis.

A 35% EtOH extract of the fruits of Chaenomeles sinensis, long utilized as a folk medicine for cough, significantly inhibited the pruritogenic agent compound 48/80 (COM)-induced scratching behavior in mice. Antipruritic activity-guided fractionation and purification yielded active quercetin, apigenin, and catechin derivatives, which exhibited significant inhibitory effects on COM-induced scratching behavior. To the best of our knowledge, apigenin (5), apigenin 7-glucronide (6), and apigenin 4'-methoxy-7-glucronide (acacetin 7-glucronide) (7) were isolated from the fruits of C. sinensis for the first time. The active fraction and these compounds also inhibited serotonin-, platelet activating factor-, and prostaglandin E(2)-induced scratching behavior, but did not inhibit histamine-induced scratching behavior or locomotive behavior. This study also showed that the fruits of C. sinensis could be used to treat allergic itching sensation.[1]


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