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Identification and cloning of the Na/HCO(3-) cotransporter (NBC) in human corneal endothelium.

Fluid secretion by the corneal endothelium is associated with the net flux of HCO(3)(-) from basolateral (stromal) to apical (anterior chamber) sides of the tissue. In this study we asked if Na(+)/HCO(3)(-) cotransporter (NBC-1) protein expression and functional activity are present in freshly isolated human corneal endothelium. Immunoblot analysis using a polyclonal antibody to NBC-1 showed a single band at approximately 130 kDa. Indirect immunofluorescence indicated that NBC-1 is expressed on the basolateral, but not apical side of human corneal endothelium. RT-PCR was used to determine whether the kidney or pancreatic isoform of NBC-1 is expressed. Using the specific primers for pNBC and kNBC isoforms, RT-PCR showed that only pNBC could be detected in human corneal endothelium. The product was cloned and confirmed by sequencing. Full-length NBC-1 was also cloned from human corneal endothelium. This clone (hcNBC) is 100% identical to the longer, more common form of NBC [pNBC; 1079 amino acids (aa); 122 kDa in human heart, pancreas and prostate]. To test for functional activity of NBC-1, freshly isolated endothelium was loaded with the pH sensitive fluorescent dye BCECF and HCO(3)(-) fluxes were measured. HCO(3)(-) fluxes were Na(+)-dependent, electrogenic and H(2)-DIDS sensitive. We conclude that the long isoform of the sodium bicarbonate cotransporter (pNBC-1) is expressed on the basolateral side of fresh human corneal endothelium (hcNBC). The shorter form, kNBC, could not be detected. As in bovine corneal endothelium, hcNBC is instrumental in loading HCO(3)(-) into endothelial cells from the basolateral membrane.[1]


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