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PMX2B, a new candidate gene for Hirschsprung's disease.

Hirschsprung's (HSCR) disease is a congenital intestinal malformation of the enteric nervous system. It is a multigenic malformation and until now, eight genes have been involved in the etiology of this disease: genes encoding proteins of the RET signaling pathway (RET, GDNF and NTN), genes participating in the endothelin ( EDN) type B receptor pathway (EDNRB, EDN3 and ECE-1), the SOX10 gene and the SIP1 gene that is mutated in syndromic forms of HSCR. Mutations of these genes are found in not more than 50-60% of affected individuals. Here, we report on the results of a molecular cytogenetic study performed in a girl who presented with a syndromic short segment HSCR associated with a de novo t(4;8)(p13;p22) translocation. A comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) study found a 4p12p13 deletion. A molecular characterization of this rearrangement showed that the 4p13 deletion was 5 Mb in length and included the paired mesoderm homeobox gene (PMX2B) ( MIM 603851), a gene expressed in the human embryonic gut and essential for the development of autonomic neural crest derivatives. The present observation suggests that PMX2B haploinsuffciency might predispose to HSCR.[1]


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