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Adiponectin gene activation by thiazolidinediones requires PPAR gamma 2, but not C/EBP alpha-evidence for differential regulation of the aP2 and adiponectin genes.

We examined the role of PPAR gamma 2 and C/EBP alpha for adiponectin and aP2 gene activation in C/EBP alpha(-/-) fibroblasts by stably expressing PPAR gamma 2 or C/EBP alpha. PPAR gamma 2, but not PPAR gamma 1, mRNA markedly increased during the differentiation to adipocytes in cells expressing C/EBP alpha. Both infected cell lines differentiated to an adipocyte phenotype and the mRNA for both aP2 and adiponectin increased in parallel. However, adiponectin mRNA was considerably higher when C/EBP alpha was present, suggesting that this transcription factor is important for full gene activation. Thiazolidinediones markedly activated the gene in PPAR gamma 2-expressing cells in the absence of C/EBP alpha, suggesting that the adiponectin promoter may have functional PPAR gamma-response elements. Several observations showed that the adiponectin and aP2 genes can be differentially regulated in adipocytes: (1) Topiramate, an anti-epileptic agent with weight-reducing properties, increased adiponectin mRNA levels and secretion, but did not, like the thiazolidinediones, increase aP2 expression; (2) IL-6 reduced adiponectin, but significantly increased, aP2 expression; and (3) TNFalpha inhibited adiponectin, but paradoxically increased, aP2 expression in PPAR gamma 2-infected C/EBP alpha null cells. These data show that activation of the adiponectin gene can be separated from effects on adipogenic genes.[1]


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