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Regulation of yeast COX6 by the general transcription factor ABF1 and separate HAP2- and heme-responsive elements.

Transcription of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae COX6 gene is regulated by heme and carbon source. It is also affected by the HAP2/3/4 transcription factor complex and by SNF1 and SSN6. Previously, we have shown that most of this regulation is mediated through UAS6, an 84-bp upstream activation segment of the COX6 promoter. In this study, by using linker scanning mutagenesis and protein binding assays, we have identified three elements within UAS6 and one element downstream of it that are important. Two of these, HDS1 (heme-dependent site 1; between -269 and -251 bp) and HDS2 (between -228 and -220 bp), mediate regulation of COX6 by heme. Both act negatively. The other two elements, domain 2 (between -279 and -269 bp) and domain 1 (between -302 and -281 bp), act positively. Domain 2 is required for optimal transcription in cells grown in repressing but not derepressing carbon sources. Domain 1 is essential for transcription per se in cells grown on repressing carbon sources, is required for optimal transcription in cells grown on a derepressing carbon source, is sufficient for glucose repression-derepression, and is the element of UAS6 at which HAP2 affects COX6 transcription. This element contains the major protein binding sites within UAS6. It has consensus binding sequences for ABF1 and HAP2. Gel mobility shift experiments show that domain 1 binds ABF1 and forms different numbers of DNA-protein complexes in extracts from cells grown in repressing or derepressing carbon sources. In contrast, gel mobility shift experiments have failed to reveal that HAP2 or HAP3 binds to domain 1 or that hap3 mutations affect the complexes bound to it. Together, these findings permit the following conclusions: COX6 transcription is regulated both positively and negatively; heme and carbon source exert their effects through different sites; domain 1 is absolutely essential for transcription on repressing carbon sources; ABF1 is a major component in the regulation of COX6 transcription; and the HAP2/3/4 complex most likely affects COX6 transcription indirectly.[1]


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