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Linkage and association studies with C8A and C8B RFLPs on chromosome 1.

Linkage relations for the C8A and C8B BamHI RFLPs have been investigated. A peak lod score of 4.52 at recombination fraction zero was obtained between the two C8 genes. Combined with our previously obtained linkage data (Rogde et al. 1986) the maximum lod score is 7.53 at recombination fraction zero. The compiled C8-PGM1 linkage data from this and the previous study gave a maximum lod score of 22.02 at recombination fraction 0.11 (0.07-0.16) with no sex difference. A chromosome 1p reference marker, D1S57, has been applied in this linkage study. A maximum lod score of 5.06 between the C8 cluster and D1S57 at theta = 0.18 (0.11-0.28) was recorded. The linkage analyses and triply informative families gave evidence that the C8 loci are situated about halfway between PGM1 and D1S57 on the short arm of chromosome 1. There was no evidence of allelic association between the C8A and C8B BamHI RFLPs in 62 unrelated haplotypes.[1]


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