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The gene for the cell adhesion molecule M-cadherin maps to mouse chromosome 8 and human chromosome 16q24.1-qter and is near the E-cadherin ( uvomorulin) locus in both species.

A mouse myotube-derived cDNA encoding the Ca(2+)-dependent cell adhesion molecule M-cadherin was used to study the segregation of the corresponding gene Cdh3 in a mouse interspecific backcross. Cdh3 was found to be unlinked to the N-cadherin gene but linked to the E-cadherin ( uvomorulin) locus on chromosome 8 in a region of conserved synteny with human chromosome 16q. The gene order cen-Junb-Um-Tat-(Cdh3/Aprt) was determined. The human homologue CDH3 was mapped to chromosome 16q24.1-qter by analyzing human/mouse somatic cell hybrids.[1]


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