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Parathyroid hormone rapidly stimulates hyaluronan synthesis by periosteal osteoblasts in the tibial diaphysis of the growing rat.

Short term treatment (3-24 h) with parathyroid hormone (PTH) stimulated the synthesis and accumulation of hyaluronan (HyA) in explant cultures of tibial diaphyses from young rats. PTH increased the overall HyA content of periosteum 5-fold, with the basal cambium layer exhibiting the greatest enhancement ( approximately 8-fold). PTH increased the HyA content of cortical bone by 2-fold while not affecting the HyA content of bone marrow. PTH treatment greatly enhanced HyA staining throughout all layers of the periosteum, although its most dramatic effect occurred in the basal cambium layer. Here, unlike in the control tissue sections, nearly all cambium-lining osteoblasts stained intensely positive for HyA. PTH treatment enhanced the HyA staining of osteocytes in cortical bone tissue sections to the extent that the lacunocanalicular system became visualized. Three significant findings were revealed in this study. First, mature periosteal osteoblasts, under natural conditions, do not contain much HyA in their surrounding extracellular matrix but dramatically enhance their matrix HyA content when treated with PTH. Second, pre-osteocytes and osteocytes contain more HyA in their natural matrix than mature lining osteoblasts, and they appear to have functional PTH receptors because they responded to PTH treatment with an enhancement of HyA content. Finally, it was observed that the lining cells along the endosteal surface of the diaphysis did not stain strongly positive for HyA either naturally or when exposed to PTH treatment. This indicates that periosteal and endosteal osteoblastic cell populations exhibit metabolic differences in their extracellular matrix responses to PTH.[1]


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