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Drug-induced pseudotumor cerebri.

Pseudotumor Cerebri (PTC) is an uncommon disorder whose etiology is largely unknown, although its association with steroid withdrawal, hypervitaminosis A, and the use of the tetracycline group of drugs has been well documented. We report here a case in which a patient on chronic divalproex therapy for a seizure disorder developed PTC. Changing his antiepileptic medication from divalproate to topiramate effected a remission of PTC symptoms while maintaining his seizure-free status. It is recommended that physicians treating epilepsy, vascular headaches, or mood disorders with divalproate consider the diagnosis of PTC when their patients complain of new onset of headaches or an increase in frequency or severity of existing headaches--especially those associated with a visual disturbance--to prevent permanent visual loss.[1]


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