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Hypervitaminosis A

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  • This observation suggests that the high levels of free holo-RBP, not bound to TTR, which correspond to the increase in total RBPs measured in CRF serum, may alter the tissue uptake of retinol and be responsible for the signs of hypervitaminosis A observed in these patients [24].
  • Even at doses that produced overt signs of hypervitaminosis A and mortality, minimal or no changes were observed in the testes [25].
  • Early changes in the mouse neuroepithelium preceding exencephaly induced by hypervitaminosis A [26].
  • In comparison with matched controls, total enzymic activities in with hypervitaminosis A animals were nearly double for lactase, sucrase and maltase in all segments [27].
  • Hypervitaminosis A and retinoic acid treatment increased plasma TPA activity by approximately 50%, but PAI-1 activity was not affected [28].


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