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Leptin and insulin downregulate leptin receptor gene expression in chicken-derived leghorn male hepatoma cells.

In chickens, leptin is expressed mainly in the liver, where its receptor gene expression has also been reported, and in adipose tissue. In view of the key role played by the liver in lipogenesis in avian species, the hepatic expression of leptin may have physiological significance. In this study, we showed that leptin is constitutively expressed and secreted in a chicken-derived hepatoma cell line (LMH). Although insulin regulates leptin expression in vivo, incubation of LMH cells in the presence of 100 nM insulin for 24 or 48 h had no effect on leptin expression or its secretion in the culture medium. In addition, we developed a specific chicken leptin receptor real-time reverse transcription (RT)-PCR, and downregulation of leptin receptor gene expression by homologous and heterologous signals was demonstrated, as relative leptin receptor mRNA levels were significantly decreased after exposure of LMH cells to recombinant chicken leptin or porcine insulin. In conclusion, our results indicate that leptin is probably able to desensitize its own response in the chicken liver. Finally, the ability of insulin and leptin to regulate chicken leptin receptor gene expression suggests a direct role of leptin in the control of hepatic metabolism.[1]


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