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Role of aquaporin and sodium channel in pleural water movement.

The role of the ENaC sodium channel and aquaporin-1 (AQP1) water channel on pleural fluid dynamics in mice was investigated. 0.25 ml of hypertonic or isosmolar fluid was infused into the pleural space in anesthetized wildtype and AQP1 null mice. Pleural fluid was sampled at specified times to quantify the osmolality and volume. The sodium channel activator terbutaline increased isosmolar fluid clearance by 90% while the sodium channel inhibitor amiloride decreased it by 15%, but had no effect on osmotically driven water transport. AQP1 deletion significantly decreased osmotic water transport in pleural space by twofold, but it had no effect on isosmolar fluid clearance. Pretreatment with dexamethasone increased pleural osmotic fluid entry by 25%, while intravenous injection of HgCl2 decreased osmotic pleural water movement by 43%. These results provided evidence for a role of a sodium channel in pleural fluid absorption; AQP1 plays a major role in osmotic liquid transport but it does not affect isosmolar fluid clearance.[1]


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