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A consensus statement on empiric therapy for suspected gram-positive infections in surgical patients.

BACKGROUND: Multidrug resistance among gram-positive pathogens in tertiary and other care centers is common. A systematic decision pathway to help select empiric antibiotic therapy for suspected gram-positive postsurgical infections is presented. DATA SOURCES: A Medline search with regard to empiric antibiotic therapy was performed and assessed by the 15-member expert panel. Two separate panel meetings were convened and followed by a writing, editorial, and review process. CONCLUSIONS: The main goal of empiric treatment in postsurgical patients with suspected gram-positive infections is to improve clinical status. Empiric therapy should be initiated at the earliest sign of infection in all critically ill patients. The choice of therapy should flow from beta-lactams to vancomycin to parenteral linezolid or quinupristin-dalfopristin. In patients likely to be discharged, oral linezolid is an option. Antibiotic resistance is an important issue, and in developing treatment algorithms for reduction of resistance, the utility of these new antibiotics may be extended and reduce morbidity and mortality.[1]


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