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Interaction of fibronectin type II proteins with membranes: the stallion seminal plasma protein SP-1/2.

Seminal plasma of mammalians contains, among others, proteins that are characterized by the fibronectin ( Fn) type II module. Our knowledge about the structure and the physiological function of seminal Fn type II proteins mainly originates from studies on PDC-109, the bovine representative of this protein family. The present work focuses on the equine protein SP-1/2 (also named HSP-1/2) with particular emphasis on its interaction with lipid membranes by employing the intrinsic protein fluorescence and a number of spin-labeled and fluorescent lipid analogues. The results indicate that the interaction of SP-1/2 with (lipid) membranes is similar to that of PDC-109 which can be explained by homologous amino acid sequences of both proteins. Like PDC-109, SP-1/2 has a specificity for phospholipids with the phosphocholine headgroup. Upon binding to lipid vesicles, the protein intercalates into the hydrophobic membrane core, resulting in a rigidification of the lipid phase and, at higher concentration, in a perturbation of membrane structure. However, compared with PDC-109, the impact of SP-1/2 on membranes is less intense in that the degree of protein-mediated immobilization of lipids was lower. Furthermore, different to PDC-109, SP-1/2 was not able to extract lipids from human red blood cells. The data are discussed with regard to similarities and species-specific differences of the function of seminal Fn type II proteins in the genesis of sperm cells.[1]


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