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Molecular cloning and functional expression of a serotonin receptor from the Southern cattle tick, Boophilus microplus (Acari: Ixodidae).

A full-length cDNA encoding a 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) receptor from the Southern cattle tick, Boophilus microplus, was isolated using a strategy based on sequence homology among G protein-coupled receptors. The deduced amino acid sequence revealed highest identity with Drosophila melanogaster 5HT-dro2A (Z11489, 50.8%) and 5HT-dro2B (Z11490, 49.5%) receptors. The receptor was transiently expressed in mammalian HEK293 cells, and Western blot analysis showed the expected 43.3 kDa band. In these cells, application of 5-HT (10 microm) inhibited forskolin-induced cAMP synthesis by 26%. The results indicate that the tick receptor is an invertebrate 5-HT1-like receptor that couples to Galphai protein.[1]


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